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Managing Director

Shiraz Selvarajah is the Managing Director of Jershira Development Sdn. Bhd. He covers advertising and marketing solutions for various blue chip clients as a company. He also trains and develops leaders and entrepreneurs within the industry. He holds a bachelor's degree in E&E Engineering from University of Newcastle in the UK. He practised as an engineer for 3 years and left the industry. His main aim was to work more with people and give more to the society. Shiraz is an accomplished coach, trainer and speaker. He received his trainings in the Europe and has given coaching in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. He has coached many senior executives and teams in the areas of optimising performance, transitioning leadership roles and resilience. Shiraz takes a strength focused approach to help become creative, agile and authentic. Clients and organisation Shiraz has offered his services includes: Maxis Telecommunication, Telekom Malaysia, Standard Chartered Berhad, Singtel Singapore, YJI Indonesia, Flammart Fire & Safety Malaysia, Sky Pte. Ltd. UK, UNICEF Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines. He has received several awards since 2006 including Brand Sales Awards, Leadership Awards, Chairman's Award and Promoting Entrepreneurs Award.

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P.A & Finance Director

Julia Jermitt Kaur Pikan joined Jershira Development SDN BHD on July 2007. Before joining the firm, she has obtained her double degrees in Bachelor of Accounting and BA (Hons) Criminology & Law from Arden University, United Kingdom in 2006. Upon arriving from the United Kingdom, she was offered as a Personal Assistant at Jershira Development SDN BHD. Without any hesitation, she accepted the offer and pursued her journey with the organization. After two years, she was promoted as a P.A & Finance Director of Jershira Development SDN BHD.

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Senior Coordinator in Human Resource

Shalveena Sammanasu has joined the company as an Assistant Management during her Internship and now holds the position of Senior Coordinator in Human Resource. She did her Diploma in Healthcare Service in Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare college, majoring in customer service, management, health and safety. She started off in the company by managing the team recruitment, in Human resource department by working closely with the Managing Director. With her positive attitude, she managed to achieve her KPI targets and the company’s growth goals.
She always take responsibility for her actions and hold herself accountable for the results.

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Senior Administrator


Teo Kah Heng, better known as Jaster, is an experienced and detail-oriented Senior Administrator in the organisation. He completed his education with a degree in Business Management at the University of Greenwich. His responsibilities towards administrative role in finance has developed him with strong organisational skills. His focus has always been on improving operations, business revenue, financial and reducing risks. He is also equally observant of other departments and supports the team within his reach. His outstanding performance has made him an essential asset to the organisation.



Assistant Owner

Benjamin Beh Weng Hong is the Assistant Owner of Jershira Development SDN. BHD. He has more than 5 years experience in the sales and marketing industry. He practiced business management for 2 years in Singapore and left the industry. Not long after returning to Malaysia, he was given the opportunity in Jershira Development to lead and manage a team of Sales & Marketing professionals. Showing overwhelming performance in coaching professionals, he quickly made his way through into a senior management role. With his skills and determination, he continues to inspire & coach professionals within the organisation & his team into achieving expansion goals.

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Senior Team Manager

Eshwar Sugumaran has trained and developed multiple fresh leaders & professionals in the company. He started off his career in the telecommunications industry and then pursued to banking and finance in 2019 and he was involved in various level of Marketing Strategies. He has delivered many ideas, executed and the outcome was often a surplus. He eventually decided to pursue his career in Advertising, Marketing and Sales industry in 2020. Due to his constant strength and a can-do attitude, he got himself advanced to Senior Team Manager in Jershira Development within a year. Being a career orientated individual, Eshwar is currently managing a team of professionals  for the capacity of multiple event sites on behalf of the clients. He also successfully led teams and generated positive revenue and  expansion for the company. Eshwar has always admired and appreciated the courses, trainings and development provided by the company (Jershira Development) that has made him to be where he is today.



Senior Team Manager

Muhammad Haziq Ruzail is a graduate from the University of Malaya, majoring in Human Resource Management. At the beginning, he was accepted in Jershira Development to gain some experience in marketing department and administrating the entire workforce. With his great dedication and leadership towards his responsibilities, he loaded himself with great knowledge and skills in the industry. Ruzail by nature is an individual who thrives to be the best at what he do. With his winning attitude and experience he gained from the company, he advanced himself to be a Senior Team Manager. Ever since then, he has dedicated himself to continuously develop people's skills in the team to achieve the company and client's vision and goals.

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Senior Team Manager

Adam Ooi Chia Chun is the Senior Team Manager of Jershira Development SDN. BHD. Best known for delivering strong revenue, profit gains and growth in highly competitive markets with solid 5 years of extensive background in Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Management and Advertising. Positive attitude with proven leadership skills and the ability to develop successful team environments, he was given the opportunity to build, manage and lead a team of highly trained Sales and Marketing professionals in the Northern Region branch.

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Team Manager

Haziq Daud is a Team Manager in Jershira Development SDN.BHD. He is a brand and marketing strategist who reports to the Senior Management Team. He provides support to executives in representing the clients. In addition to his extensive PR and marketing experience, Haziq is a trained Marketing Coach. Being a graduate from a local university in Accounting majoring in auditing and taxation, he gained his humble pre-management experience in huge firms like PwC and BDO for 3 years in financial services industry. Furthermore, he practiced Business Management for 2 years in Malaysian SMEs. He then pursued his career with Jershira Development to enhance his career in the marketing and advertising industry. Haziq is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural advertising. He is considered a 'forever student', with great effort to build his career in the industry. He is now a Team Manager and he is extremely capable to improve productivity by implementing strategic project management methods for his team. Haziq believes being adaptable and coachable at workplace is a key to success.

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Team Manager

Jasmin Jeffry comes from humble beginnings with one of her aspirations in life is to make her way up in the corporate ladder. A fresh graduate with big dreams, she seized the opportunity in the company by leading & managing a team of business professionals with great performance shown. One of the fastest individuals who made her way in to a management role, Jasmin Jeffry now is a Team Manager in Jershira Development SDN. BHD. As a young, skillful & energetic individual, she continues to accelerate company's expansion plan by creating the right values in the team & inspiring them to build their own legacies.