Managing Director

Shiraz is the Managing Director of Jershira Development Sdn. Bhd. He covers advertising and marketing solutions for various blue chip clients as a company. He also trains and develops leaders and entrepreneurs within the industry. He holds a bachelor's degree in E&E Engineering from University of Newcastle in the UK. He practised as an engineer for 3 years and left the industry. His main aim was to work more with people and give more to the society. Shiraz is an accomplished coach, trainer and speaker. He received his trainings in the Europe and has given coaching in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. He has coached many senior executives and teams in the areas of optimising performance, transitioning leadership roles and resilience. Shiraz takes a strength focused approach to help become creative, agile and authentic. Clients and organisation Shiraz has offered his services includes: Maxis Telecommunication, Telekom Malaysia, Standard Chartered Berhad, Singtel Singapore, YJI Indonesia, Flammart Fire & Safety Malaysia, Sky Pte. Ltd. UK, UNICEF Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines. He has received several awards since 2006 including Brand Sales Awards, Leadership Awards, Chairman's Award and Promoting Entrepreneurs Award.

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P.A & Finance Director

Julia Jermitt Kaur Pikan joined Jershira Development SDN BHD on July 2007. Before joining the firm, she has obtained her double degrees in Bachelor of Accounting and BA (Hons) Criminology & Law from Arden University, United Kingdom in 2006. Upon arriving from the United Kingdom, she was offered as a Personal Assistant at Jershira Development SDN BHD. Without any hesitation, she accepted the offer and pursued her journey with the organization. After two years, she was promoted as a P.A & Finance Director of Jershira Development SDN BHD till now.

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Owner Partner

Adam is an inspirational leader with over 5 years of business development experience in the marketing company. What he brings to any organization is highlighted in his personal tagline; Building Team, Inspiring Excellence, and Generating Results. He is a relationship-driven sales and marketing professionals who nurtures empower his teams to deliver unprecedented bottom-line results. Throughout his career, Adam has consistently obtained new business growth beyond all expectations. 


Senior Team Manager

Danial Imran Ponnudurai is Senior Team Manager in Jershira Development SDN BHD. He has over 20 years experience in the field of Sales & Marketing with Risk Management Consultancy & Publishing. He is an Actuarial Business Degree holder from Purdue University, Indiana State. With more than 12 years of those in managing & developing Sales & Marketing teams, has added further testimony to his strength as a leader who drives growths while building high performance teams who delight in creating profitability. He is a progressive business driver whose results are measured not only in the impressive numbers he deliver but also in the dedication and commitment his team offers. His mission is to develop top-performing teams and empower them to become integral members focused on the organization's growth. The organizational culture he creates results in higher rates of retention, and accountable teams who strive for excellence and take pride in delivering superior results.

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Team Manager

Haziq Daud is a Team leader in Jershira Development SDN BHD. He is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with Managing Director, executives and Entrepreneurs to grow their organisations. In addition to his extensive PR and marketing experience, Haziq is a trained business coach. 

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Team Manager

Beh Weng Hong is a Team Manager in Jershira Development SDN BHD. He has over 7 years of experience in the field of Sales & Marketing. He strictly believes that 'UNITY IS STRENGTH' which helps him to adapt and cooperate with just anyone as a strong team player. With these strengths he continues to inspire his team to achieve businees growth at a rapid speed.